Hello world,

I'm Grace

Senior at Brown University studying CS & economics,
Currently, SWE intern @ gusto

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react.js mongoDB spark figma
HTML/CSS/JS figma social good
pandas/numPy/BS4 social good


Hey! I'm Grace.

Learning to code has brought me a lot of joy: classes like software engineering have given me the confidence to build my own programs, and TA-ing for intro courses has led me to find community. Over time, I hope to contribute to products that are truly helpful and enjoyable to use. My current interests lie in startups, computer vision/deep learning, and computing education.

Brown University computer science (CS) student Grace Lee

Outside of tech, I am interested in the intersection of economics and policy, with my favorite experiences so far being a seminar/class on education reform research and my 2-year project Clean Water PVD . When I'm not working, I love goofing around with my a cappella group, frolicking in the sun with my friends, and making way too many spotify playlists.

Thanks for swinging by! By the way, here's my resume. Feel free to say hello!