Hello world,

I'm Grace

Junior at Brown University studying CS & economics,
Previously @ fidelity investments

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react.js mongoDB spark figma
HTML/CSS/JS figma social good
react.js mariaDB node.js/express.js
pandas/numPy/BS4 social good


Hey! I'm Grace.

I find a lot of joy in creating and building, which is why I love CS so much. I'm also studying economics because I'm curious about using quantitative models to improve social policy. Wherever I end up working, though, I hope that I'll be making something that solves problems for individuals and society.

Brown University computer science (CS) student Grace Lee

In my free time, I love goofing around with my a cappella group. I also love doing yoga (even though I'm clumsy), frolicking outdoors with friends, and making too many new playlists to count.

Thanks for swinging by! By the way, here's my resume, and feel free to say hello!